niedziela, 23 sierpnia 2009

czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2009

środa, 12 sierpnia 2009

rainy day

tonight we went with adża to coffee shop as usually to talk about our future and then to spy to play pool ~ which we play better and better day by day :)) around midnight we went to hanriver, it was really nice to sit under the bridge during the rain.we always eat too much cookies there...ADZA WE NEED TO STOP !!!!!!....and drink too much kahula with milk...when we can not sleep. like tonight.

poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2009

sobota, 8 sierpnia 2009

bla, bla, bla...kuman desso

"thats all...."
czyli nasza ulubiona mina, ulubionego "mr hana", nal mi do....:d